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Thank you for your interest in Trim-Slice!

Trim-Slice EOL announcement

This is to announce that all CompuLab Trim-Slice models are now in transition to End-of-Life. For EOL schedule and last time buy details please refer to Trim-Slice EOL announcement

Trim-Slice for OEMs and Commercial Projects

You can buy a unit or two for evaluation, or you can tell us about your requirements so we can serve you better, for example by discussing Trim-Slice configure-to-order options and rebranding.
To learn more please email and tell us about your company and what you are considering using Trim-Slice for.

Trim-Slice for Personal Use

If you consider purchasing a Trim-Slice for personal use we recommend that you check carefully supported features. As of July 2011 Trim-Slice offers Linux desktop functionality. Two significant features are not yet supported:
- Adobe Flash is not supported yet – so Flash video (e.g. YouTube) and Flash games (e.g. Angry Birds) do not work yet.
- GPU assisted video playback is not supported yet – so Trim-Slice does not yet play high definition video.

Owners of Trim-Slice can update the OS when new releases are made available.
We are working hard to improve SW support for Trim-Slice. You can follow Trim-Slice on Twitter for updates.

Where to Buy

We recommend buying from a local reseller.
If there is no reseller in your region you can order direct.

Best regards,
Irad Stavi
Trim-Slice Product Manager, CompuLab

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